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MAGIC is in the air in Blackpool

MAGIC is in the air in Blackpool

In a puff of brilliant smoke the 58th annual Blackpool Magic Convention appeared in The Winter Gardens.
It is expected to draw 3,500 visitors from around the world during the weekend.
The Empress Ball-room has been transformed into an Aladdin's cave of the weird and wonderful as more than 150 traders gather to sell their wares.
From enchanted rings and strings to brightly coloured silk scarles, rabbits in hats and even Rubik's cubes - nothing is quite what it seems.

As balloon modellers twist their rainbow coloured creations, scores of cards, coins seemingly vanish into thin air.
One ambitious magician has got his sights set higher however with plans to make Blackpool Tower disappear.


Andrew Green, co-organiser of the event said: "It literally is just magic, magic, magic in Blackpool this weekend - there's no other event like this anywhere in the world.
"There is loads of weird and wacky goings on with lectures, competitions and trade stands, I know one performer has been filming in the resort with a view to making the Tower disappear so that should be interesting.
"It's nice to see the same faces returning year after year, the regulars know Blackpool really is the world centre of magic."

As for the The Tower trick - it is a case of watch this space, or is that the skies over the weekend.
The news created an excited buzz in the trade Hall. Magic Wladimir, from Slovenia said: "I've been to the show every year since I was first time here, so Blackpool really has a special place in my heart and is a very good meeting point for "Magicshop.pro" customers and us."

Sandy Marshall travelled from Chicago with his stall Magic Inc to lecture in Blackpool for the first time. He said: "The Empress Ballroom is a beautiful venue and re-ally adds a certain something special to the event.

Also Magic Wladimir from Slovenia done his lecture there.

"I've never been before but the atmosphere is great and I hope to return in future years."
Blackpool will also host the European Magic Championships next year as a qualifier to the World Championships in 2012.

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Who is Waldimir

The success of Vladimir MIKEK, magician, at the World Championships in Lausanne 1991

ONLY many years of hard work brought success and worldwide fame…

Almost is not a child who would not ever try to cast a spell . How can you pull a rabbit out of a hat , how to saw a woman into half, and she is still alive... Curiosity is a young , curiously old . All together, we know that it is a trick of unique art.

A little less of them know that this art (magic) is much more recognized than anyone thought . Nevertheless, they are among us people who are also in this art world famous name of our country .

Vladimir Mikek, better known by the stage name Magic Wladimir, owner of Magic Studio Maribor and in it a magic shop , where you can buy a lot of magic tricks, card tricks etc… some time ago returned from the World Congress of magicians in Switzerland ( from 8 to 13 July was in Lausanne ) , which is among the 140 contestants won an excellent third place. About competition, he said:

" The congress was about 2000 participants, 140 have competed. I have prepared an act with cards and disappearing radi (or known vanishing radio). The act takes ten minutes and has a very good choreography. But it is a lot some related magic tricks. "

In Yugoslavia, we do not have FISM organization which combine magicians, but membership in it a condition of participation in congresses and competitions in the world; How do you thus managed to get into Lausanne?

:) " The president of the Austrian organization helped me after he saw my performance. However I hope that we will soon have Slovenian FISM . Otherwise, I signed up for the competition three years ago in The Hague. Given that it is now happened so much , I managed to have me heralded as a competitor in the Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia and an owner of Magic shop. "

"I was very happy and surprised, when the wellknown David Copperfield cames and congratulate me. He is the world famous magician from USA…

Our viewers know him by his show on TV . You know the tricks , such as an airplane disappear , and the passage through the Great Wall of China and the like, have been for some time topic of discussion . It is just for top master of this kind of art. "

Because it is art, what you say to the opinion of some that the whole thing a fraud?

"You know , the camera trick is also a trick to cheat , the whole movie is, however, the art . Trick itself is not art, art is to entertain your public with magic tricks! "
You have a favorite card tricks. How so?

"This is only the result of our state of Yugoslavia . Cards have a single prop , and with them you can show a multitude of tricks. And they were the cheapest prop . Truth is that we were always manual dexterity. There was no magic shop in Yugoslavia before, so I decided to make ano Magic Studio in Maribor and in it also a magic shop.

In company with magician

This month will again gathering the place for magicians , the skills which will be closing the show also enjoy viewers - MAGIBOR. The founder of Magibor, (which is held in Slovenian town Maribor) likes this International Congress of Magic is named, appointed Vladimir Mikek, Maribor, which is in this mysterious art for over thirty full years. There happens everything, even the Magic Shop.


We have probably already forgotten times childlike naiveté when we in every fairytale scared of the evil witch and hoped the good fairies . People obviously need something supernatural that restrained their passions and emotions , and thus no fable or myth can not occur without these miraculous creatures. But when a person grows up , it's different. if applied to a conversation on witchcraft , some of them replied that this is just a prank , something to have fun doing it , but some of that may be true , there are an average man inexplicable force that some of Branca hold such a special gift. Some women 's afternoon we about these things for unfolded in a conversation with Magic Wladimir wellknown Maribor’s magician, who offered his life to this art and today he owned a Magic Studio and its Magic Shop. What is illusion and when we are people willing to succumb?". Magic Wladimir is convinced that there is a person who possessed the power to remotely raise an object or something like that: " So far I have not seen anything like that. What I saw and heard, this was always only a magic trick." Most of these people have purchases magic tricks just in my Magic Shop. The most well-known magic props in my magic shop are famous vanishing radio and the money printer machine or money maker.

People have a variety of tricky business eval since time immemorial. Other entrusted to him and afraid of him as a sort of relationship with the supernatural. The fewer people were educated, the better they believed him, while the repayment of care to ensure that the background trick remained unknown to followers . Well, today the magic have fun and not haunted, but basically it is a similar principle: Magician only avail explained by increased knowledge about the created arise as a spectator.

For a description of the activities of the magic in Slovenian terminology rather incomplete. Wizard sounds more cheap, more mysterious magician and magnificent.

In the house on Meljska is Magic at home

Magic Studio owned of Magic Wladimir will henceforth a gathering of Slovenian magicians

The building on the road MeljskA 5 in Maribor, opposite the bus station, on the outside does not look anything special. Blends in with its surroundings, which passes from the city center in more factory, peripheral image. But the interior of this house is a special place that will in the coming weeks, months, years hosted both budding and already established magicians from around the world.

The room will not only serve workout and lectures, but also presented you and shopping all possible magic tricks, which are essentially free - only instructions must be purchased. Credit for the first real magic shop has Vladimir Mikek artistic name Magic Wladimir, well-known artist or, as he himself says. "a wonderful feeling when you can come back this way some of the magicians, but in a way, to care for the next generation: to be happy says Magic Wladimir and shows his famous vanishing radio…

"When I was 16, I came first time into contact with the literature of magic. These things, I was always very interested in it and in the high school I have found a great public where, as things started to go by themselves: start of its beginnings in told us Mikek, which is a magician way encouraged a sharp criticism of one of the observers - stating that it is not a magic art. "When you're young and inexperienced, you can quickly happen to anyone its thorns and this throws from the track. Over the years, you learn to control such outages, and even if the stinging occurs, our immediate overpass the embarrassing situation.

The first part of his path was not as easy as it is for magicians today. The easier it is mainly due to modern technology gies that over twenty years but has not been around every corner. "It was difficult to make contacts, find people to share with them the experience and secrets. There was no magic shop, where you can buy a money maker or money printer machine. Today we have google J

'Maribor was always the center of magic, even in times of former Yugoslavia,"
said Magic Wladimir, which in 1991 declared the third best magician in the world, which is still the best ranking anyone from this area residents - former Yugoslavia. "At the time I did name, which I was later carried by, in Europe, in America, and Asia. On this account also teaches at various congresses global organizations ¬ magicians."